Modular kitchens, a comfort and convenience for everyone who loves to work in the kitchen. But, are there any problems that we should take into account before adapting this modulation work to our house? Yes. It is necessary to choose a good modular kitchen dealer.

Who you choose as your dealer and how authentic and authoritative he / she is and how successfully he / she implemented the projects and how many satisfied customers you have in your portfolio is what makes your decision impeccable.

There are few certified companies along with Craften Interiors that offer quality interior design services for residential and commercial needs. Craften Interiors offers the best support before and after the sale and they have a good track record in it.

Craften Interiors has implemented more than 100 modular kitchens and interior design projects within and outside the country so far and has a wide network of satisfied customers.

Craften Interiors has been sourcing the modular kitchen components like range hoods, hidden refrigerators, built-in ovens, built-in burners, etc., from Italy and European countries which are known for their industrial standards, artistic designs and ergonomics.

State-of-the-art designs of modular kitchen components such as dedicated drawer cabinets and adjustable shelves made working in the kitchen a pleasure.

The most important section in a modular kitchen is the extractor hood, it is the one that purifies the air in the kitchen by sending impure gases from the kitchen. It must be introduced correctly for it to work efficiently.

There are many options for implementing modulation in your kitchen. Craften Interiors packages range from medium to large, depending on the space and required components.

Being resistant to fire for the kitchen is essential since it is the place that supports a lot of heat from the cooking process. Craften Interiors has a standard policy of providing quality and fire resistant materials within your budget.

Most of the homeowners in India like to have wooden furniture in their homes. Wooden furniture not only looks beautiful but also brings wild nature to the home. If you are one of those wood furniture patriots, choose wood that is naturally fire resistant while being resistant to spills and splashes.

You can also opt for a modular kitchen designed entirely in metals. Still, there are significant downsides to metals, as they are prone to corrosion and damage quickly. If you want your kitchen to be made of metal and resistant to corrosion, choose stainless steel.

Cabinets should be installed at the proper height so that children cannot easily reach them as they store some dangerous cutting tools and fire fighting tools. The perfect height of the base cabinets should be 34 inches.

Craften Interiors places importance on the safety of your home and environment when designing the project. Therefore, you can expect user-friendly and environmentally friendly designs from Craften Interiors, which are not only friendly but also child-proof.

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